About Us

Dreaming of Books is a web that discusses everything about books so that everyone who loves books can rely on www.dreamingofbooks.com to enhance our knowledge about new or classic books all over the world in simple words or posts. We believe that every book is able to make our dream comes true. Applying the legendary quote by Heinrich Mann, a house without books is like a room without windows. This quote clearly says that books have important role in our knowledge especially about the world. Books are published every day and they always increase our mind and brain simultaneously; making ourselves more professionals and skillful. Deriving from this quote emphasizes our opinion in making this website.

Dreaming of Books almost talks everything about the books. Then, we would like to elaborate each mission that we have been doing right now as follow:

Upcoming Books

The first one is to provide relevant information related with the released book. In other words, Dreaming-Of-Books informs you as our reader who are looking for the new or upcoming books that will be published soon. We will give you a brief synopsis, release date and our opinion about the book concisely and simply so that everyone are able to catch the important information with ease. This is also one of our main objectives in order to make everything simpler than you thought before.

Recommended Books

The next point that you can read and receive through this site is to know the best recommendations of particular books’ genres. You might go to local bookstore and stand in front of the book shelf of your favorite genre. However, you were too tired choosing the best book that would be spend by you. We really know about this common issue so that we provide Dreaming of Books will full of book recommendations based on the genres, years or even authors. As a result, you shouldn’t stand in front of the shelf anymore because we have summarized, collected and reviewed them all here in our posts.

Tips for Beginner Writers

Lastly, this site also provides some tips for beginner writers who want to write their own review so that they can express their opinions in their own blogs or channels. We do care about beginner writers and want to share our skills in this segment freely for them all. If you are one of them, this site will provide your lust too as a writer.

That is all about Dreaming of Books site that you can read and feel by yourself as our readers. This is just a simple site but you won’t believe that www.dreamingofbooks.com will help you reaching your dream.