Read the Book and Take Notes
Read the Book and Take Notes

How To Write A Book Review in Four Easy Steps

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How to write a book review seems self-explanatory for some readers or even people because it just flows up from our head and mouth simultaneously. I mean that review means our thought or opinion about something, in this case is books. This activity is really subjective because it derives from personal feeling about the book that they have just read, starting complaining or praising it as well. That is why we cannot just stand by one review, but also other people’s reviews in order to get more reliable result or measurement. But today, I will focus on how to write a review to build up our own opinion naturally, which isn’t affected by others.

How To Write A Book Review : Read the Book and Take Notes

Read the Book and Take Notes
Read the Book and Take Notes

The most general way how to do a book review is to read the entire book firstly. You won’t build your own opinion without reading the book that you want to write the review. To make it in natural way of review, just don’t read any sparknotes of the books or such things like search engines, spoilers, etc. Please remember that you are going to make genuine review so that the readers of your review will get your point or opinion genuinely, unaffected, and natural. Many reviewers did some successful reviews through this way and why don’t we follow them then.

Taking notes are considered as the additional step of reading the book. It means that you prepare a piece of paper or journal and start writing the important points of the book so that you won’t forget the points to build up your opinion. The most alternative way is by typing on your smartphone. But, working with arm and muscle will give worthwhile impact for our brain by the way because we try to remember the points naturally. In other words, grabbing your pen and paper are preferred here. Instead, using phone is okay too.

Gather the Points and Organize Your Opinion

How to write a book review
How to write a book review

The next and last step how to write a book review is to gather all points that you have written on your notes and organize your opinion from those points. Assuming that you have followed previous steps, we are now at the most important part of reviewing. Gathering the points that you have made are obviously easy because you just recall the points in your head after reading the book. However, organizing the opinion of those points are kindly difficult if you are a newcomer or beginner in reviewing a book. Don’t worry. Just enjoy the process and you will find yourself in ease later making your own opinion about something. From those points, you should organize them one by one so that the review looked organized and well-managed by the writer. Please do not rush or force your point too much here. It is just a simple but understandable by the readers.


In conclusion, how to write a book review won’t happen if you don’t read the book in the very beginning. Making some notes is important to keep you on the route of building opinion. In organizing the opinion, it requires much effort and time so please enjoy the process.

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