Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy of Dreaming of Books website,, in collecting and disclosing the information from the users. It also shows how we use and treat such information in order to enlighten our readers and users of Dreaming of Books website. Hence, there will be no more questions, hesitations and worries from them while their activity in this website.

Personal and Non-Personal Identification

Our Dreaming of Books website may collect the personal and non-personal identification information from the users during their activities in this website. The personal identification information of users will be collected when they visit our web. They may be asked to fill out a form including their name and email address. Otherwise, users can still browse this website anonymously. In other words, there is no prohibition for them if they don’t want to fill out the form because it is a voluntary form. The users who refuse to apply the form of personal identification are still free to browse the site.

The non-personal identification may be collected when the users of Dreaming of Books site interact with some services or related activities. For your information, this identification requires the browser name, computer types and technical information about the manners of users using our web services such as the operating system and Internet service providers that are used by the users at the moment. It also enhances other similar information as well.


Our Dreaming of Books website also uses cookies in order to enhance the user’s experience during their activity in this site. For your information, the cookies are delivered via the personal computer hard drive. This is recorded and tracked for record-keeping purposes only. Of course, the users are allowed to refuse the cookies. However, they might not receive the best user’s experience during their visiting on

How our Site Use Collected Information

Our website may use the collected information that we have mentioned earlier through several ways. The first way is to display the content or article of our site. You may not have the best display content when you don’t allow the cookies. Secondly, it is to improve our customer service. We surely don’t know whether or not our site works properly without such information. We need your feedback to improve our services or products.

How Our Site Protect User Information

It is also important for us to show you how we protect your information secretly. The personal or non-personal information will be stored in our website securely with the best protection.

By visiting this site, you accept this policy of DreamingOfBook If you think that it is unacceptable, please stop visiting this site and don’t use it anymore.