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Tips for Writing and Publishing Children’s Books

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Publishing children’s books are significantly different with writing the books. Because of our interests and passions in this writing segment, we sometimes forget how different they are. How to write children’s books is very different with how to publish the books. However, I have collected some tips for both activities in this article so that you won’t worry too much about what you have thought before knowing this truth. Otherwise, it doesn’t close your opportunity in writing and publishing what you are working right now. Therefore, packs some snacks and read the entire tips below.

Collecting Sources

children book sources
children book sources

As a writer, we also have a big role in collecting the sources before publishing children’s books. We are writer but we also need to read as readers surely. Don’t limit yourself in reading classic or new children’s books. Both types have their own characteristics that we have to know. Then, we will have lighter hand in typing our minds and materials for our children’s book. Please remember that we shouldn’t always put modern things but write the modern book doesn’t have after comparing with the old or quintessential children’s book. Sources are the materials that we must cook and present. Pile the unnecessary things and put the essential ones.

Act as a Child

It may sound weird but publishing children’s books means you have to be a child surely. You should recall your child-self activities and interests. It will be a sweet memory for you. Luckily, we can still add it to our lovely children books easily. If you have a child, it will be better because they may help you thinking and observing their interests. Then, we can write what they love in our books without many worries surely. Otherwise, writing like a child isn’t necessary for you. That is the reason why I wrote “act as a child” on the subtitle. This is important to get the feeling during our writing process and absolutely not write as a child.

Ideas and Images

 Publishing Children's Books
Publishing Children’s Books

Both elements are also provided before publishing children’s books. Writers tend to translate their ideas to the words, but it is rarely done for the images. This couldn’t happen when writing children’s books. Images are important in stimulating what the children’s think when reading the books. It means that you have good illustrations but doesn’t mean you must draw as well. You can do some collaboration with local or freelancer illustrators out there. Don’t limit yourself because there will be some other ways in this world. Once you got the images, you have to blend it with the ideas or words, which you want to present in your book.

Join Writing Community

children's book writer community
children’s book writer community

It is very boring when you just walk alone, isn’t it? This also happens in publishing children’s books. You can’t write alone without any revisions, criticism, and proofreaders. There are many writing group that lends their hand aiding beginner or professional writers out there. The most profitable one is that you shouldn’t pay them to do proofreading on your work at all. It is all under the friendship line.